Word of the President

Dear friends,
Are you passing through Montpellier or do you want to settle in Montpellier?
Welcome, this consistory site is for you. Our city offers many opportunities for a fulfilling Jewish life, whether it be a synagogue, or a cultural one.
The medieval Jewish past of Montpellier is prestigious since the doctors of the faculty and the Tibbonides translators and friends of Maimonide. The visit of the oldest Mikhve in Europe awaits you. The present is alive and varied. Here are active multiple associations representing the whole colorful palette of Judaism. Synagogues, Jewish school, Mikhve, kosher supermarket are at your disposal.
Do not hesitate to ask us about services, Shabbat and Holidays.
Therefore the future awaits you. See you soon !
Yours sincerely, Shalom
Fabrice Lorin